Known Pantheons:

Inside the Protectorate, the Norse Pantheon is the only recognized Pantheon. Temples and altars to all of the deities can be found throughout the Protectorate. There may be other Pantheons and Deities worshipped, but they aren’t officially recognized or condoned.

In the surrounding Dragon Empire, open worship of any deity other than Tiamat is dealt with harshly. Other deities are worshipped, but the altars are holy symbols are strictly guarded from discovery.

Norse Pantheon

Deity Alignment Domains Symbol
Odin, god of knowledge and war NG Knowledge, War Watching blue eye
Aegir, god of the sea and storms NE Tempest Rough ocean waves
Balder, god of beauty and poetry NG Life, Light Gem-­encrusted silver chalice
Forseti, god of justice and law N Light Head of a bearded man
Frey, god of fertility and the sun NG Life, Light Ice-­blue greatsword
Freya, goddess of fertility and love NG Life Falcon
Frigga, goddess of birth and fertility N Life, Light Cat
Heimdall, god of watchfulness and loyalty LG Light, War Curling musical horn
Hel, goddess of the underworld NE Death Woman’s face, rotting on one side
Hermod, god of luck CN Trickery Winged scroll
Loki, god of thieves and trickery CE Trickery Flame
Njord, god of sea and wind NG Nature, Tempest Gold coin
Odur, god of light and the sun CG Light Solar disk
Sif, goddess of war CG War Upraised sword
Skadi, god of earth and mountains N Nature Mountain peak
Surtur, god of fire giants and war LE War Flaming sword
Thor, god of storms and thunder CG Tempest, War Hammer
Thrym, god of frost giants and cold CE War White double-­bladed axe
Tyr, god of courage and strategy LN Knowledge, War Sword
Uller, god of hunting and winter CN Nature Longbow

Cult of Tiamat


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