All of the races in the Players handbook are playable except for the Dragonborn. In this land, the Dragonborn were engineered by the magic of the Dragons.

Hill Dwarf -

Common – Throughout the Ring. They have their own Keep at Ur-Dunelg. They are known for their fearless (suicidal?) unarmored warriors called “Berzerkers”.

Mountain Dwarf -

Common – Throughout the ring. They have a Keep at Ur-Kasad

High Elves -

Found throughout the Ring, but there is a higher concentration in Frosthelm where the Arncanum and the Great Library are located.

Wood Elves -

Also found throughout the Ring but with a more insular Wood Elf community found in and around Inserine.

Dark Elves -

Uncommon in the Ring. They are generally suspected of being smugglers that play both sides of the conflict. Rumors have it that they worship a spider God.

Halflings -

Fairly common and found throughout the ring, with their own towns and in mixed company

Humans -

Fairly common. You will find them in the ports, in the cities and even with the plains Barbarians.

Dragonborn -

Engineered by the magic of dragons centuries ago during the last war.

Forest Gnome -

Uncommon. They tend to live alongside the Wood Elves in and around Inserine.

Rock Gnome -

Slightly more common. There is a community of Rock Gnomes that live in Shieldaig. Quite a few of them work at the War College there.

Gruu (half-Orc) -

The Gruu have formed nomadic tribes in the plains of Nor. They are known for breeding the best horses and for having quick tempers. The Gruu resent any connotation that they are related to Orcs in any way.

Tiefling -

Uncommon – They tend to favor the more urban areas of the Ring. Generally not trusted.


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