Prepare for DOOOOOM!!

I’m just getting started putting together the details for he campaign. I’ll be fleshing out the WIKI with details about the world and some of the custom rules I’ll be using. Feel free to create new forum posts if you want to ask a question of the group or start a discussion.

We’ll be making all of the characters together the first night. I really want there to be some shared connections and I think making the characters together will foster that.

Don’t feel like you have to fill all of the traditional party roles. if you all want to play fighters, that’s totally cool. Whatever is fun for you is fine with me.

One of the things I will be doing to encourage that is for you to come up with one thing your character likes and one thing your character dislikes about the PC of the players sitting to your left and right at the table.

Read the following section and try to think of a reason why your character may be in trouble with the law. I’m not saying that your character has to be evil or even guilty of a crime. Only that there is a good chance that one or all of the PCs will start the game in some legal trouble.

To start off, you’ll be a city called FrostHelm, high in the Ring Mountains. The Protectorate of the Ring Mountains is a Militaristic Empire that is led by an Enigmatic and Ancient Elf called Kelsar, the Lord Emperor.

It’s a strict society. Able-bodied and/or able-minded citizens usually serve a year in service to the Empire by joining the military or two years at the University, Arcanum or War College once they reach maturity.

The Protectorate and the surrounding Dragon Empire were at war for hundreds of years, ever since the fall of the Iron Kingdom over a thousand years ago. For now, they are at a stalemate and an uneasy peace has fallen.

The Protectorate has black powder weapons created by the Dwarves and Elves working together. This includes rifles, pistols and cannons. They also have balloon and gondola-type airships they use to guard the skies from Dragon attacks.

There is some trade between the two Empires, but most of it is black market.

Legends of the Iron Kingdom

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