Legends of the Iron Kingdom

Discovering Frosthelm

All roads lead to misfortune...


Locked away in the lightless jail embedded in the cliffs behind Frosthelm Keep. our adventurers chose two different paths for their current predicament.

Mal, Thea and Timmy chose to not accept their current situation and sought escape through the floorboards in their cell, while Gaelindon , Enoch and Gregor chose to wait it our and accept their punishment.

The escapees spent close to an hour crawling through wet and rocky tunnels that eventually led to an opening in the cliff 30 feet above the ground. They worked together to set up a shelter and waited out the night.

For their cooperation, the others were sentenced to one day of service with Frosthelm’s scouting parties.
There were rumors of Ogre’s encroaching on the territory around Frosthelm.

They were ushered out in the chilly morning snow with 17 other citizens and issued spears as weapons for the patrol.

The escapees saw the patrol and tailed them as the patrolees found a bloody trail and some Ogre tracks along the river heading in the direction of the forest of conifers.

A wounded ogre rushed toward the patrolees as Gregor pelted it with blasts of Eldritch energy from his hands. The ogre was stopped in its tracks by two baby remorhazes. The Remorhazes dismembered the ogre and turned their attention toward the patrolees..



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