With the exception of a few coastal settlements, Chult is an untamed tropical wilderness: dense jungles, and snaky rivers ringed by mountains, volcanoes and sheer escarpments.

The safest entry points into this overgrown realm are on the north and east. The coast from the Bay of Chult to Refuge Bay offers beaches on which to embark into the uncharted jungle.

Chult is hot, humid, and rainy throughout the year. The temperature regularly climbs as high as 95 degrees F. A day without rain is rare, but rain varies from a steady mist to drenching downpours.

Visibility in heavy rain is limited to 50 yards. Only Huge or larger objects are visible beyond that.
Missile weapon ranges are halved during rain.
On days of heavy rain, there is a 25% chance of a full-blown tropical storm featuring sheets of rain, high wind, lightning, tall waves at sea and immense surf along the coast. Travel on those days ranges from exhaustively taxing to impossible.

Chultan humans have a rich culture but they have been driven out of the jungle by monsters and undead. Most live behind the stout walls of Port Nyanzaru.
The city is run by merchant princes that trade in ivory, gold, gemstones, jewelry, textiles, spices, rare herbs, wood and unrefined metal ore.
Chultans seldom don armor because of the climate.

Tribes of Aarakocra live atop the mountains and plateaus of Chult. Aarakocra strive to defend the land against the forces of evil. They have a reputation for aiding explorers who are lost, sick or in trouble.

Batiri (Goblins) tribes roam the jungles of Chult.

Some Dwarves live in Port Nyanzaru including some rare albinos.

Tabaxi (Cat Folk) minstrels roam the streets of Port Nyanzaru. Some work as guides.

Undead – Over a century ago, an evil Wizard raised an undead army to conquer an ancient city called “Mezro”. The City disappeared and the evil Wizard was defeated, but the remnants of his army roam the jungles.


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